Peace For All

IGA members meet and greet to share philosophical goals that meet the vision of a peaceful, prosperous universe.

A set of rules established by The Intergalactic Alliance to help them preserve the natural order of evolution and development of other life forms during their exploration of the universe. They were created after the delivery of the Wayfarer's Address, a famous speech by Admiral Jacob Hull upon the Wayfarer's Alliance's first contact with the Oberan people.

The four virtuesEdit

  • Diplomacy
  • Peace
  • Compassion
  • Tolerance

The first and most important rule states: “No Wayfarer will interfere with the natural internal development of any alien life form. In no way shall we introduce advanced technologies or the knowledge of such technologies to any less advanced life forms. We will always allow nature to run its course and be waiting to greet our new brothers when it is their time to set sail into the horizon. Above all else, we must abide by this Doctrine, lest our benevolent intentions be for naught.”


This Doctrine is very similar to the Prime Directive in Star Trek.