Wags Dane
Basic information
Race Thanerians
Faction IGA
Rank Admiral of the Four Sectors
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 2.2 meters
Weight 180 kg
Hair Color Tannish graying fur
Skin Tone None
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Hazel
Distinctive Features Enormous jowls
Key Personality Traits Wise and battle tempered


Admiral Dane is one of the few members left from the First Rebellion. He has been in command of the Four Sectors since the death of Admiral Hull’s successor. Dane is one of the premiere voices of the Alliance and is primarily in charge of tactical planning for the Alliance as a whole.


Admiral Dane is very reminiscent of his name sake (a Great Dane) and has graying fur and huge jowls. He is exceptionally tall for a Thanerian and even at his age presents a formidable threat.


Wags is more serious minded than many Thanerians and takes his title very seriously. He will on occasion still make light of a situation or offer some down time to members of his staff. Otherwise, he is primarily all business.