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The Intergalactic Alliance (Liberty Faction), also called the IGA, is a newly formed power that seeks to unite more species under a common goal of intergalactic peace by overthrowing the Imperium once and for all.

It was originally known as the Wayfarer's Alliance which was an alliance between the Terran and the Oberans, the name was later changed to the Intergalactic Alliance after the Thanerians joined the circle. A ragtag collection of scientists, warriors, and refugees, who share the high-minded ideology of intergalactic peace.

The IGA operates under a set of agreed-upon rules they call the Wayfarer's Doctrine. They hail from the Comis Quadrant. The Comis Quadrant consists of an arrangement of star systems and planets. Most of the starlight that showers this region of the Maelstrom Galaxy is tinted blue, as is the color the members of the IGA identify themselves by.

Doctrine, Philosophy, and Government Edit

IGA Propaganda

An IGA Propaganda Poster

The doctrine is a set list of principles for each member of the Intergalactic Alliance. It is also known as the Wayfarer's Doctrine, and its philosophy is used to govern sectors within the IGA.

  • Seek out and defeat all forms of injustice and oppression.
  • Forge new friendships whenever able, for together we are strong.
  • Help all who are in need, for someday you may be in need.
  • Protect those who require it, as compassion is our greatest strength.

In politics, the Intergalactic Alliance functions as a federation, an open source governance. The IGA is a conglomerate of democratically elected officials who work together for the benefit of all people within.

The logo for this faction contains three planets, Cydonia, Aquarius Eleven, and Argos. The three planets are encircled by a pair of massive wings.

Goals Edit

  • Form an all-inclusive super-alliance with the other Factions.
  • Make Center Space safe for all who wish to colonize it.
  • Defeat the Imperium once and for all.