The Imperium

Novus Ordo and his leader maliciously plan an attack and intervention as a battle between the Factions rages before them.

The Imperium is believed to be an extremely powerful intergalactic entity. It is said that they are at least as powerful as a faction, possibly stronger. Believed to have been the cause of the extinction of the Jefari species. It is said that for countless millennia, they have traveled the galaxy, planting seeds, colonizing, and cleansing. Their overall exact goals or intentions are yet to be known.

This nebulous organization does not appear to be a faction and is quite smaller than a faction by comparison, and yet is thought to possess such power that rivals that of the main three factions. Their society appears to be mainly associated with the color green.

According to articles from The Stand, they reside within the Pravus Quadrant, smallest of the four quadrants within the Maelstrom Galaxy.

Notable Members Edit