Cutthroat business

A Malus woman from the Sovereignty deceptively negotiates with a Terran of the IGA.

This set of laws serves as a judicial guide for all dealings of The Sovereignty. The laws have a backward sensibility, which can generally be summed up as “Buyer Beware”. The interesting aspect of the code is that it binds those that chose to deal with members of the Sovereignty as well.

Examples of lawsEdit

  • “It is the right of any being to at all times account for and defend the well-being of themselves and their possessions, lest they risk the threat of theft or physical harm.”
  • “It is the right of any Sovereignty member to follow through on all fair trades and negotiations to the letter of the contract until such time that said contract is no longer considered fair when compared to another contract of greater worth.”
  • “All members of The Sovereignty are bound by law to perform due diligence to discern and remain aware of the true identity of those they are dealing with on personal and business levels. Failure to do so may result in physical, emotional and monetary loss due to negligence.”