Thanerians is a race of canine-like creatures operating within The Intergalactic Alliance. There are hundreds of individual sub-races within their species, so their appearances tend to vary greatly. Generally, they are short in stature, standing at a mere four to five feet. They are canine-like in appearance but are an entirely bi-pedal species. They sport heavy armor adorned with family crests and ranks.

The Thanerian year is seven times that of a Terran year, hence the old saying "Thanerians are very long lived with an average life expectancy that is seven times as long as a Terran." They seem to have a mutual loyalty to the Terran species.

They hail from the planet of Argos on the outer borders between the Comis Quadrant, Center Space, and Imperium-controlled space (Parvus Quadrant). Currently, Argos is under Imperium occupation.

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Family ties are very important to the Thanerians. Much of their clothing consists of armor adorned with family crests. They enjoy drinking Grizzwater, which is a product of their species and home planet, Argos. There are seven Thanerian years for every one Terran year, so while it is said that Thanerians live longer than Terrans by seven times, both their lifespans are actually quite similar. Still a long lifespan for a canine-like species.

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