The So'Toth is a near-immortal race operating within The Sovereignty. A near-humanoid cult-society of pseudopod-faced creatures of unknown origin. The So’Toth are vaguely humanoid in appearance, bearing insectile characteristics, with tendril appendages being some of their key facial features. The colors of their exoskeletal and tendril features vary and could range from browns to reds, and grays. They wear layered robes with ornate hoods or segmented armor.

The So’Toth are a trans-dimensional race, originating from normal space but due to their excursions into The Void, they ‘assimilated’ residual properties.

These creatures tend to be mysterious and enigmatic in both philosophies and to those in their presence. Their dealings with other kind are unpredictable at best and tend to display little traditional logic in many cases. The So'Toth worship a subspace source of Entropy known as The Void. This further lends to the unusual philosophy and purpose to their kind. As the newest members of The Sovereignty, their presence is always a source of unpredictability.

According to Novus Ordo, the All-Seeing Eye to the Imperium, the So'Toth are attractive creatures when compared to the other denizens who inhabit the mysterious Void. They are also known for their quite expensive So'Toth Chinaware.

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The little that is known about the So'toth is that they are cult-like worshippers of The Void. They have preparation colonies throughout the galaxy where recruits from various races and species religiously prepare to embrace their ideologies, with the promise of eternal life. Re'Gelica was a part of this program in her youth. Their ideologies, however, show very little reservations, as So'Toth can sometimes be seen enjoying wine and smoking from hookahs.

The So'Toth are also known to abduct and actively experiment on other species outside the Sovereignty, as well as test advanced weapons and technologies for the Sovereignty.

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