Sirus Fex
CX R M 02
Basic information
Race Regula
Faction Tyrannar Empire
Rank Supreme Archon of the Nine
Flagship TIS Imperious
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 6'10" meters
Weight 264 lbs
Hair Color Black and yellow
Facial Hair Goatee
Eye Color Amber
Distinctive Features Several facial scars
Key Personality Traits Headstrong, determined, deceptively soft and tolerant
Sirus Fex is one of the greatest pilots to have ever flown for the Blazing Sword of Regula. He was a long time fighter pilot with a flawless record of victories. Upon announcement of his retirement from active duty he was asked to be a training officer for elite Regulan forces. Soon his reputation out of the cockpit garnered him rank and most recently a place on the' Nine.


Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Adolescence and AdulthoodEdit

Recruitment and CombatEdit


Supreme Archon Sirus Fex is a tall, sinewy, agile Regulan. He is getting on in years but still appears in the best shape of this life. He has soothing amber eyes that rarely open all the way.


Fex is a patriot but not the speech giving type. His speech is incredibly deliberate and methodical in delivery. He also seems perpetually sedated. Sirus is often underestimated due to this fact by many fellow members of the Nine.