Sinistra Dredge
NPC SinistraDredge
Basic information
Race Malus
Faction Sovereignty
Rank Primas
Flagship The Fleeting Passion
Physical attributes
Sex Female
Height 1.9 meters
Weight 55 kg
Hair Color Black with silver highlights
Skin Tone Ivory
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Violet/indigo
Distinctive Features Different color eyes
Key Personality Traits Sultry


Sinistra is the daughter of one of the Malus’ most famous negotiators of all time. She comes from one of the richest families on all of Loki. She is also the half sister of the head of trade for the entire Umbra Quadrant, Salvious Dredge. Unfortunately, that is where her family loyalty ends. Her entire life was spent living off of the desires of those around her. Her stunning appearance afforded her every luxury. It was when her father bartered her freedom to a skin trader for a vast amount that Sinistra got her first taste of negotiation. Sinistra, being the cunning daughter of her father, negotiated her way out of servitude using both her wits and looks. It was during this time that her half brother managed to out play their father at his own game and earned his place as head of the Trade fleet. Sinistra hopes to one day usurp her brother but for the time being she is content with applying her talents to deals with unaware extraterrestrials from the Alliance, Tyrannar, and any other Factions she can manipulate. Sinistra’s ship is called The Fleeting Passion for good reason.


Sinistra is by Terran standards the perfect specimen of a female. Her body is statuesque, perfectly shaped and possesses proportion defying Terran possibility. Her Malus features only prove to accentuate this paradigm of beauty into a paradox familiar and exotic. Her hair is always styled in the latest fashions with sliver streaks throughout. Her multicolored eyes are unforgettable and, like her brother, can penetrate if held in her gaze.


Sinistra Dredge has mastered the Malus way of negotiation to a science, never promising anything without an escape plan. Because of her overtly physical approach to negotiation, she has learned how to give her pets just enough affection to keep them loyal without ever needing to get her hands dirty. For a being with so much natural body heat, Sinistra is as cold and calculating a creature that has ever existed in the universe.

Trivia Edit

  • The word "sinistra" is Latin for evil or unlucky.