Shag "Shaggy" Britches
Basic information
Race Thanerians
Faction IGA
Rank Captain
Flagship Cerberus Wing of the IGA Trustworthy
Physical attributes
Sex Female
Height 1.4 meters
Weight 85 kg
Hair Color White and gray
Skin Tone None
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Blue
Distinctive Features Ear is missing a piece
Key Personality Traits Tough and sarcastic


Shag (or "Shaggy" as she is known to her friends) is a talented fighter pilot with an unending sense of loyalty to the IGA. She and her family were rescued from a temporary relocation colony after a double cross by a passing Sovereignty ship. Shaggy was relocated on an IGA space station where she first enrolled in the academy. After a long run of successful campaigns, she was recently made Captain of the Cerberus Wing.


Shaggy resembles a Husky in appearance, with a long face and slender but sinewy body covered in white and gray fur. She is exotic looking with singes of battle. Her right ear is missing a small piece after being grazed by blaster fire.


Shaggy has a terrible wit and sarcasm and does not take to advances well. She also enjoys a good practical joke at the expense of a comrade.