Salvious Dredge
NPC SalviousDredge
Basic information
Race Malus
Faction Sovereignty
Rank Magistros
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 2.1 meters
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Coal black
Skin Tone Sand swept
Facial Hair Soul patch
Eye Color Green
Distinctive Features None
Key Personality Traits Smooth


Salvious Dredge comes from a long line of Malus negotiators and trade managers. His father was legendary among the Malus for his ability to close deals both diplomatically and with aggressive negotiations. Salvious was the least favored child and thus constantly in need of justification to his family. Once his fame was reached, Salvious named his flagship The Double Dealer in honor and memory of his father. It was Salvious that signed the ill-fated contract that lead to the unfortunate but necessary death of his father, brother and step-mother in order to gain a controlling share and leadership of the Trade and Acquisitions Fleet. As you can guess, his father would have been proud. Salvious’s only really rival is his half sister, Sinistra Dredge, who wishes to remove the burden of the fleet from him in a similar (but uniquely her own) fashion. Currently, Salvious Dredge is the Head of the Umbra Quadrant Trade and Acquisitions Fleet


Salvious is a handsome, well shaped, and admirable looking Malus, with a slim waist and broad shoulders. He has longish wind-styled hair and a natural sand swept complexion that is contrasted by his excellent taste in the finest clothes from across the universe. He is both rugged and refined, and his gaze can be violating if held too long.


Salvious is the definition of smooth and silky in his approach. His voice and inflection inspires confidence and trust despite the words that are being uttered. He rarely loses his calm, and on those few instances his displeasure is unnerving.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Salvious more than likely stems from the Latin word, "salvus", which translates to safe and sound.