Rector Tyr
Basic information
Race Ares Magna
Faction Tyrannar Empire
Rank Supreme Archon of The Nine
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 2.6 meters
Weight 175 kg
Hair Color Long and jet black
Skin Tone Clay
Facial Hair Long, well kept beard
Eye Color Red
Distinctive Features Wears an eye patch
Key Personality Traits Juggernaut


Supreme Archon Rector Tyr is the oldest and most battle tested of all the Ares Magna’s representatives on the Nine. He is the first Commander to have battled all three of the insurgent forces of The Intergalactic Alliance, The Sovereignty, and the Imperium. He has survived conflicts with the Malus, the Oberans, the So'Toth and Terrans alike. As an ensign, his first commission was to be a gunner aboard the Ares' Fury during its first assault against the Imperium. As fate would have it, he contracted a near fatal case of Fester Pox as a reaction to his inoculations. By the time he was able to stand, Tyrannus had already made his final move. His flagship is so named The Festering Pox as a reminder of his origins.


Rector Tyr is the most physically formidable of all The Nine. Despite his years, time has only served to harden his exterior like calcium deposits on bone. He is the least refined looking, preferring the trappings of a field commander to that of nobility. His size dwarfs most Ares Magna by several centimeters and his physique is truly daunting. The patch on his eye is due to a Fester Pox sore that robbed him of his sight in that eye.


Tyr is a soldier’s soldier. His speeches are the stuff of battle charged rally cries, on or off the battlefield. What he lacks in tactical finesse he makes up for in sheer brute force, never-ending chutzpah and unrelenting offense. He is the ultimate example of the power of sheer force of will in battle. Rector barks his remarks in a curt and gruff manner, much the way a commander speaks to his helmsman. He respects (despite failing to understand) Jemma Virril’an’s record and has little reason to doubt Gesalt Gusta’var’s mettle. He does have issues with the Lacerta and Regula branches, having grown up in the wake of their initiation into the Empire.