Basic information
Race So'Toth
Faction Sovereignty
Rank Subjugator
Physical attributes
Sex Female
Height 1.8 meters
Weight 56 kg
Hair Color None
Skin Tone Blue green
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Yellow
Distinctive Features Beginning of tendrils on face; serpentine form
Key Personality Traits Innocent, Alluring


Subjugator Re’Gelica has only recently joined the active worshipers of the So’Toth. Her youth was spent in a preparatory colony with other So’Toth converts. It is fairly apparent by looking at Re’Gelica that she was not always a So’Toth. Her planet, like many others, was acquired or propositioned by the Malus only to be enslaved by The Sovereignty. After the death of her family, she was left alone and vulnerable to the persuasion tactics of the So’Toth. Re’Gelica was quick to fall victim to the many charms of Entropy and was initiated via the preparation camps of the So’Toth.

Since then, Re’Gelica has come to embrace the So’Toth philosophy of Entropy but still has some issues where her family and death is concerned. Re’Gelica believes that once her purpose has been served, she can once again join her family in Entropy. Her innocence makes her a perfect lure for others who are unwilling to cooperate with the So’Toth. Using her looks, naivete and charm, Re’gelica entices outsiders into becoming involved in the cult’s activities and slowly lowers their resistance, drawing them in until it's too late for them to turn back.


Re’Gelica is an exotic but attractive looking female So’Toth. She lacks most of the Xenomorphic mutations the So’Toth find common. She has a definite vulnerability and tenderness others of her kind lack. Her face tendrils and overall appearance are much less foreign and add an exotic quality to her looks.


Re’Gelica has an innocent quality that sometimes gives light to her former nature. But make no mistake, her outward personality is not to be confused with a lack of devotion to her cause.