Ragnar Tyrannus
NPC RagnarTyrannus
Basic information
Race Ares Magna
Faction Tyrannar Empire
Rank Prime Archon
Flagship Ares' Fury
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 2.5 meters
Weight 100 kg
Hair Color White with blood red streaks
Skin Tone Slate
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Green
Distinctive Features Large scar on left cheek
Key Personality Traits Indomitable

Prime Archon Ragnar Tyrannus was the most prolific leader of The Tyrannar Empire. His leadership advanced the Empire to become masters of the Iratus Quadrant. He is also responsible for routing and recruiting the Regula and Lacerta into the fold of the Ares Magna to form the Empire. He is considered arguably the greatest military tactician of all time.

His final address to the Empire (known as The Stand) and the strategy behind his onslaught against the Imperium is taught as tactical scripture across the universe and used as a rallying point for the Empire.


Before becoming the leader of the Tyrannar Empire, Ragnar Tyrannus was the true definition of a warlord. His conquests and victories included such legendary battles as the Assault on the gas giant Phermeus, the Tri-Star Engagement of Alderus 8, and of course his immortal final conflict The Stand.


Tyrannus was a tall, well-bodied man that in his youth exuded pretense as a formidable commander of men. His blood red hair was a sign of his youth, which refused to fully recede in his later years. He received the large scar on his left cheek rescuing a shipmate trapped in a reactor of a damaged ship.

By his senior years as the Prime Archon, Tyrannus’s strong physicality refused to leave him. It was instead bolstered with a sense of inner wisdom and cunning. These traits that swelled from his presence were enough to inspire unrelenting loyalty in his allies and a true sense of terror in his opposition.


Nothing in Tyrannus’s make up leaves any indication that he could ever be wrong. He possesses no signs of weakness in his judgments and never hesitates is his next command. His personality could almost be considered cocky if of course there was ever a time his confidence could be proven unwarranted. He is the man that all men wish to follow into battle.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Ragnar" is of old Norse, and means council, or army. The word "tyrannus" is Latin for tyrant.