Preator Cr'ing
Basic information
Race Regula
Faction Tyrannar Empire
Rank Admiral
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 2.1 meters
Weight 120 kg
Hair Color Brown and orange
Skin Tone Brown and orange
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Blue
Distinctive Features None
Key Personality Traits Braggart


During his career, Cr'ing has made everyone in his presence very aware of his relationship with his sister, Faleen Cr'ing. Despite his less than promising scores on his leadership reviews, Preator was always regarded as an untapped potential waiting to explode into being. This however has never been the case, and Preator has since fallen on his sister’s laurels to add weight to his rank.


Preator Cr’ing is an average sized Regulan in good shape for his age. His coloration is very non-descript while his eyes are very subtle shade of indigo.


Cr'ing is extremely boastful and demeaning to those below him in rank. He is also very quick to answer any charges with threats involving his sister. In reality, his sister regards him as a coward and failure to his family. Regardless, Preator still plays this bluff very close to his chest.