Shield Phase

Phase Shield

Phase Shields are all-purpose defense shields that use variable frequency phased energy to protect against kinetic, energy, and explosive damage.

While not as effective as specialized defenses, they offer the greatest range of protection.


Class Phase Shield
Power Cost 100
Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V
Universal Shield Rating 135 147 159 171 183


Credits Alloy Energy Synthetics Requirements Research Time
Level I 84,456 4,004 6,006 8,190 Defense Lab 3 4m 16s
Level II 683,622 30,475 45,712 62,334 Defense Lab 4, Phase Shield 1 28m 42s
Level III 3,755,748 157,431 236,147 322,018 Defense Lab 6, Phase Shield 2 2h 31m 25s
Level IV 18,042,171 711,143 1,066,714 1,454,610 Defense Lab 8, Phase Shield 3 12h 47m 42s
Level V 81,106,510 3,006,058 4,509,087 6,148,755 Defense Lab 10, Phase Shield 4 2d 16h 22m 45s

Build/Repair TimesEdit

Build Times Repair Times
Level l 33m 25s 2m 20s
Level ll 44m 47s 3m 03s
Level lll 59m 40s 3m 57s
Level lV 1h 19m 10s 5m 06s
Level V 1h 44m 43s 6m 33s

Build/Repair TimesEdit

Build Times Repair Times
Advanced I 44m 47s 3m 3s
Advanced II 1h 19m 10s 5m 6s
Advanced III 2h 18m 10s 8m 23s
Uncommon 3h 2m 10m 44s
Rare 3h 59m 25s 13m 42s
Epic 5h 14m 39s 17m 28s
Legendary 6h 53m 11s 22m 15s

Blueprint VariantsEdit