Oberans are a species who operate within The Intergalactic Alliance. They are a race of stoic, philosophical being rather similar in appearance to Terrans. They tend to stand from six to eight feet tall and have crème to light green-grey skin tones. They often wear comfortable yet ornate ceremonial layered attires.

They are the oldest and longest-lived interstellar race of the Comis Quadrant. They are described as being unemotional, but their ideologies tend to lean more towards Utopian. They thrive on the ideas of knowledge, exploration, and coexistence. They would fight anyone to the bitter death who dared try to deprive them of these ideals.

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Oberans tend to be very traditional and focus a lot on their own culture. For much of their youth, learning the teachings of the Magram of Cydonia is part of everyday life. Oberans peoples typically only have one name each and are traditionally only allowed to adopt a surname after finding a romantic partner. They base lots of their philosophies on the Magram, and often quote its scripture.

The Magram is a set of four philosophical creeds, each with its own hand signal. The Oberan typically wear traditional ritual attire when not wearing their IGA uniforms.

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  • This species resembles the Vulcans from Star Trek, and some of their names are also references to the series.