The Malus is the founding race of The Sovereignty. They are tall, well-bodied, attractive humanoid creatures indigenous to the planet Loki deep within the Umbra Quadrant. They generally stand a good six to seven feet tall and have an impeccable sense of style and opulence that remains legendary throughout the galaxy. Much of their true cosmetic and biological aspects are unknown, as they use cosmetic sciences to alter them.

They are prone to privacy and secrecy, making it hard to tell anything about their culture or exact motives. They are the creators of the Adhocracy Code of Conduct, the closest thing the anarchistic Sovereignty has to laws. The Adhocracy is merely a set of guidelines.

Culture Edit

Malus are known for their passion for negotiation and exhibit cunning, seductive, and amorous temperaments. Many of their professions range within the realm of trade and services, with little regard to particulars, only profit.

Most of the enslaved colonies under their control were acquired through trade. They are not known to die of old age or age at all.

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