The Lacerta is a species of massive reptilian creatures within the Tyrannar Empire who hail from the planet of Ferocia. They are an ancient race of reptoid beings of a barbaric yet disciplined nature, whose entire culture revolves around warfare, honor, and the lessons learned in battle.

They tend to stand a good six to seven feet tall and are described as being very stout. They tend to resemble humanoid lizards, and in some cases, dragons. Their skin can come in a number of different scale patterns and thickness. The hue also varies and can be anywhere from dust-brown, to stone-grey, deep forest-green, or ocean-blue. Colors like snow-white and crimson red are rarer, with snow-white only seen in Lacerta who inhabit high mountain peaks, and crimson red being seen in those who inhabit the lava planes of Ferocia.


The Drakhan Shield symbol represents the tenacity and unyielding voracity of the Lacerta and their incredible longevity in combat. The Drakhan Shield glows red with a scaled texture and a sharp fang shaped top.

Violent and warlike, they are among the first to go into battle for the Empire. Their overall tactics reflect the training they receive, but their racial traits still dictate the strategies they use. They prefer head-on assaults and near-suicidal charges to the sneaky stealth attacks of their feline coinhabitants, the Regula, and tend to lean toward the aggressive steamroller of the towering humanoids, the Ares Magna.

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