Klatu Verata
Basic information
Race Oberans
Faction IGA
Rank Ensign
Physical attributes
Sex Female
Height 1.3 meters
Weight 56 kg
Hair Color Black with orange streaks
Skin Tone Medium
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Green
Distinctive Features Alluring
Key Personality Traits Unconventional and interested in Terran culture


Klatu is an unusual Oberan in the sense that, despite rigid disciplined study of the Magram of Cydonia, Klatu is obsessed with the cultural aspects of other races. This is due to the fact that she was born on an IGA ship and has been surrounded by members of various races of the IGA.


Klatu is a testimony to the exotic and beautiful appearance of the Oberan race as a whole. To add to this, her wardrobe ranges from IGA uniform to Terran fashion and even the occasional Thanerian ensemble.


Klatu is as about excitable as Oberans get. She has a genuine interest in encountering new cultures and sometimes lets her enthusiasm get the best of her.