Jarrod Leroy Bernard
NPC JarrodLeroyBernard
Basic information
Race Terrans
Faction IGA
Rank Captain
Flagship IGA Exploration
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 1.9 meters
Weight 80 kg
Hair Color None
Skin Tone Fair
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Steel gray
Distinctive Features Perfect diction, distinctive accent
Key Personality Traits Righteous


Captain Bernard is one of the most famous active captains in the Alliance fleet. His flagship, the IGA Exploration, is renowned for having the oldest active moniker in the IGA's service. Five separate ships have carried this mantle and each has broken new ground in space exploration. Captain Bernard is the most recent and possibly the best respected of all of these Captains.


Bernard carries himself in an almost regal and benevolent way. He is well groomed, handsome and very refined.


Bernard has a benevolent and righteous personality. He is a great debater and a fair if not persistent man. He is a powerful orator and it is hard for anyone to question his righteousness. On the rare occasion when his actions are proven less than righteous, the inner knot that holds the man together can unravel.