Basic information
Race So'Toth
Faction Sovereignty
Rank High Pontificator
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 1.6 meters
Weight 80 kg
Hair Color Few strands of grey
Skin Tone Green
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Blue
Distinctive Features Squid faced, missing legs replaced with a hover pod
Key Personality Traits Creepy


High Pontificator J’Thock is the unofficial spokesperson for the So’Toth and represents all So’Toth viewpoints, philosophic or otherwise, in regards to his people’s actions. He has spent entire cycles inside The Void, listening to its secrets and learning the true meaning of the universe. J’Thock is one of the last remaining crew members from the original Cetus, although no one knows his true origin or identity. J’Thock has been alive for hundreds of years and The Void has extended his life beyond natural means. His main goal is to have others willingly embrace Entropy by amassing the ability to unleash the inner workings of The Void into the four quadrants. J’Thock has the outward appearance of a wise man and the inner voices of a lunatic.


J’Thock is as disturbing looking as So’Toths come. He has all of the Xenomorphic qualities of a So’Toth. This includes tentacle like tendrils on his face, a greenish-gray skin tone as well as a disturbingly disfigured humanoid form. His legs have been transformed into four tentacles that hang over a hover pod which serves as his main method of movement. Under all the mutations, something vaguely human can still be seen in his eyes.


J’Thock is a borderline sociopath that exemplifies the So’Toth mentality on The Void and the universe as a whole. He is just as likely to help a member of another Faction scout a new trade route as he would be sending their ship on coordinates that will tumble them into a wormhole. His temperament is very slow and calculated with moments of mania.