Husk Fido
NPC HuskFido
Basic information
Race Thanerian
Faction IGA
Rank Fleet Admiral
Flagship IGA Loyalty
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Dusty brown
Eye Color Brown
Distinctive Features Spectacles, dark muzzle
Key Personality Traits Gentle, strong, resourceful

A Thanerian veteran of the First Rebellion with over 30 years of command experience. He was Fleet Admiral and captain of the IGA Loyalty. He loves to eat rabbits.


Taken from the wiki entry for the IGA Loyalty

The Loyalty and its supporting fleet engaged in a skirmish with a Tyrannar battle fleet over a group of Veil seeking IGA protection. Shortly after the encounter, a second fleet of unknown ships attacked the Loyalty, destroying both it and the fleet. Records show that Fleet Commander Fido managed to escape via a survival pod, but no signs of his survival have been found.