Gesalt Gust’avar
Basic information
Race Ares Magna
Faction Tyrannar Empire
Rank Supreme Archon of The Nine
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 2.3 meters
Weight 120 kg
Hair Color Bald (shaved head)
Skin Tone Coal
Facial Hair Long Van Dyke
Eye Color Black
Distinctive Features Hearing amplification device over ears
Key Personality Traits Loud and short tempered


Supreme Archon Gesalt Gust’avar is the second of his family line to hold the title of Supreme Archon. His grandfather, Glabrilus Gust’avar, was one of the original appointed to the title by Prime Archon Tyrannus himself. Gesalt’s family groomed him for his role as Supreme Archon, affording him every opportunity for advancement in the Empire. In his younger years he was a champion Blood Sphere player (the Empire’s sport of choice). In doing so, his family removed the burden of Gesalt’s need to prove his leadership in battle. As a result, Gesalt has the least combat experience of all the Supreme Archons to date. He is also the most self-concerned of all The Nine. His family’s investments deal mostly in resource trading expansions in Center Space and neighboring quadrants. Gesalt’s concerns lie primarily in advancing these interests. One thing to note is that Gesalt has displayed no interest in pursuing the assault on the Imperium and has been most concerned with the Intergalactic Alliance’s recent advancement into areas of his family’s possession.


Gesalt Gust’avar is a large, portly man with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. He has held many records in his career as a Blood Sphere champion, however his fame has softened his physique over the years. Gesalt also suffered an injury to his hearing during a training exercise as a cadet and has been forced to wear a hearing amplifier ever since.


Gesalt is the loudest and most bullish figure of all the Supreme Archons. He is very self-entitled and is the first of The Nine to point out blame. He is also equally slow to lend his approval to battles that do not personally benefit him or his family’s holdings. The Lacerta people call him “Khata-nil” behind his back, which translates to “Deaf to honor”. He loves to rest on his laurels as a Blood Sphere champion due to his lack of practical battle experiences.