Faleen Cr'ing
CX R F 04
Basic information
Race Regula
Faction Tyrannar Empire
Rank Supreme Archon of The Nine
Physical attributes
Sex Female
Height 6'8"
Weight 220 kg
Hair Color White with gray stripes
Eye Color Ice blue
Distinctive Features Golden claw gauntlet (symbol of the Ctzar)
Key Personality Traits Proud, confrontational,


Supreme Archon Faleen Cr’ing is the ruling Ctzar of the Regula and by right the leader of the Blazing Sword of the Empire. Her history is like a tale of blood and conquest that is second only to Sirus Fex in its success within the Blazing Sword of the Regula. Her first stepping stone was as the ruler of the Darkmane clan of the Regula. She has been a member of The Nine for only a short while, but has had no issues commanding respect and flexing her authority since being elected. She is especially confrontational with female members of the Nine as well. Rumor has it that she believes female members of all races are weak by comparison (the Regula included in this since joining the Empire) and should take a lesson from the former Regulan Ctzar P’tara.


Faleen Cr’ing is a tall, lean, agile Regulan. She has coloration similar to a lynx or tiger and still has her youth. She has fierce green eyes that hold anyone’s who dare to make eye contact. She also carries her symbol of leadership, the Ctzar’s Claw.


Cr’ing is a proud, fast speaking, easily angered matriarch for the Regulan people. Her speech is thick and guttural. She is regularly dishing out challenges to test the abilities of her fleet and her people. She has a strong rivalry with the Lacerta’s Supreme Archons.