Dr'agon Th'rax
Basic information
Race Lacerta
Faction Tyrannar Empire
Rank Supreme Archon of The Nine
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 2.2 meters
Weight 240 kg
Hair Color None
Skin Tone Black, gray and orange
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Red
Distinctive Features None
Key Personality Traits Barbaric


Supreme Archon Dr’agon Th'rax is a warrior of the Lacerta who earned his rank and respect in combat. A former student of S’zass, he has since become one of the most feared warriors in the Empire. He also has no use for non-military directives. Th’rax has had his eyes set on Kedga Kr’ill’s claim to the Khan-Khala. In addition, there are rumors that K’rill was engaged in a romantic affair with Jemma Virril’an before either joined the ranks of Supreme Archon.


Dr’agon Th'rax is a huge hulking creature, with broad powerful shoulders and monstrous arms and chest. His body is mostly black with gray underbelly and orange to reddish banding coloration similar to a snake.


Dr’agon Th'rax possess none of the refinement that the other Nine do. He is crude, rough spoken, and a throwback to the Lacerta of centuries ago. His personality is aggressive and is always ready to answer any question of his authority.