SW DisintegrationRay

Disintegration Ray

Disintegration Rays are beam weapons that yield explosive damage on impact.


Class Disintegration Ray
Power Cost 300
Range (Min-Max) 0-400
Penetration Rating 606
Tracking Rating 606
Attack Type Beam
Damage Type Explosive
Rate of Fire 0.20 secs
Reload Time 3.00 secs
Burst Size 15

Level DamageEdit

Damage DPS
Level I 523 1,307
Level II 570 1,424
Level III 618 1,544
Level IV 665 1,662
Level V 713 1,782


Credits Alloy Energy Synthetics Requirements Research Time
Level I 41,307 1,989 4,068 2,983 Weapons Lab 2, Pulse Laser I 2m 15s
Level II 429,041 19,422 39,727 29,133 Weapons Lab 3 18m 34s
Level III 2,495,135 106,211 217,250 159,317 Weapons Lab 5 1h 40m 33s
Level IV 12,282,786 491,639 1,005,626 717,459 Weapons Lab 7 8h 32m 13s
Level V 55,944,022 2,105,605 4,306,919 3,158,407 Weapons Lab 9 1d 18h 59m 44s

Build/Repair TimesEdit

Build Times Repair Times
Level l 18m 08s 1m 20s
Level ll 24m 45s 1m 46s
Level lll 33m 25s 2m 20s
Level lV 44m 47s 3m 03s
Level V 59m 40s 3m 57s

Build/Repair TimesEdit

Build Times Repair Times
Advanced I 24m 45s 1m 46s
Advanced II 44m 47s 3m 3s
Advanced III 1h 19m 10s 5m 6s
Uncommon 1h 44m 43s 6m 33s
Rare 2h 18m 10s 8m 23s
Epic 3h 2m 10m 44s
Legendary 3h 59m 25s 13m 42s

Blueprint VariantsEdit