Chirpa Mox
Basic information
Race Oberans
Faction IGA
Rank Commander
Flagship The Cavalier
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 1.8 meters
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Black
Skin Tone Pale
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Burnt orange
Distinctive Features None
Key Personality Traits Philosophical and meticulous


Mox is a traditional Oberan steeped in tradition. As son to one of The Enlightened Keepers of the Magram of Cydonia, Mox was taught all of the philosophic foundations that helped him race on the road to wisdom. For his Ba’rjin, he chose to enter the IGA academy’s advanced exploration program and off world training experience with an elite enrollment. It was in this class that he first met Anderson Hull and the two have been disagreeable friends ever since.


Mox is a traditionalist that follows all of the teachings of the Magram of Cydonia to their letter. Dress is no different in this case, and whenever not required to be in uniform, Mox prefers the ritual robes of his homeworld.


Mox has no sense of humor when it comes to matters of the IGA or his duties as First Officer/Chief Science Officer on board The Cavalier. Whenever possible he quotes the Magram of Cydonia as a matter of fact.