Center Space is a region in space of the Maelstrom Galaxy, allegedly surrounded by the four primary quadrants of the Four Points Universe. In terms of size, Center Space is less than one hundredth the size of the smallest of the four quadrants. Center Space possesses unusual qualities that defy the known laws of science and almost no meaningful or deep reaching knowledge about the area exists. Only a few best guesses and even fewer facts are known about this region. All that is clearly apparent is that Center Space offers heavy benefits to anyone that can control portions of it.

Known informationEdit

  1. Center Space emits an unknown energy type which disrupts any deep scanning or probing of the region. Hence only the most general mapping and astrogation of this area exists. This makes it impossible to make hyperspace jumps into the region without coordinates pre-established or a homing signal of some kind.
  2. Its unique energy source/signature is extremely concentrated. This means that with minimal modifications, energy collectors functioning within Center Space run ten times more efficiently. This means that ships, bases, shields, and certain weapons operate at a huge efficiency advantage.
  3. Center Space is a “Garden of Eden” in terms of the density of resource deposits contained on the many asteroids and even planets contained within. This, combined with the above, allows anyone able to secure bases of operations in the coveted area a huge advantage.
  4. Due to its unique laws of physics and science, it is riddled with wormhole-like areas where “transgates” work even more effectively allowing for increased faster-than-light travel in shorter durations.