The Ares Magna is the founding race of The Tyrannar Empire. They are a race of massive humanoids, typically standing ten feet tall. Human-like in appearance, the Ares Magna adorn themselves with fine and heavy armor accentuated with flowing robes, giving them a quite regal appearance. Their skin tones may range from earthy tones to various shades of grey.

The Ares Magna are militaristic in nature, specializing in war and war tactics. They have an impeccable affixation with attaining conquest, and expansion, in order to fit their ultimate desires for glory and honor. More often than not, they are considered by some to be the most experienced battle forces in the galaxy.

Despite all of this, Novus Ordo, the All-Seeing Eye to the Imperium, claims that Prime Archon Tyrannus was the only worthy opponent of this race to the Imperium. Novus Ordo questions if they are now "trying to compensate for something". Still, they make an exceptional Tyrannar Wine.


The Burning Hand is a symbol represents the Ares Magna and their emblazoned passion for conquest. A clenched armored fist ready to crush any who oppose their righteous crusade. Each member of this race will gladly give their life for the sake of glory, in the name of conquest, and in honor of their Empire, so long as their death is not meaningless.

Their regal armor and apparel are quite imposing, symbolizing their warrior and gladiator-like natures. Their Tyrannar Wine, often regarded as a spoil of war by the other factions, is drank in hearty amounts during their celebrations. The drink is concocted from a blend of exotic fruits from their planet of origin, Ares Prime. They allegedly led the first rebellion against the Imperium, as articles from The Stand say, about Ragnar Tyrannus.

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