Active AntiMissile

Anti-Missile System

Anti-Missile Systems are a common active defense countermeasure used to scramble guided attacks, reducing the likelihood of them dealing damage.


Class Anti-Missile System
Power Cost 100
Rate of Fire 1.00 secs
Intercept Range 200
Smart Targeting No
Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V
Guided Intercept Rating 198 225 253 280 307
Drone Intercept Rating 135 147 159 171 183


Credits Alloy Energy Synthetics Requirements Research Time
Level I 153,569 14,664 7,169 10,754 Defense Lab 4, Strike Cannon 1 7m 17s
Level II 683,622 62,334 30,475 45,712 Defense Lab 5 28m 42s
Level III 2,495,135 217,250 106,211 159,317 Defense Lab 6 1h 40m 33s
Level IV 8,323,117 692,001 338,312 507,468 Defense Lab 7 5h 41m 34s
Level V 26,396,539 2,095,671 1,024,551 1,536,826 Defense Lab 8 19h 10m 9s

Build/Repair TimesEdit

Build Times Repair Times
Level l 6m 16s 30s
Level ll 9m 13s 43s
Level lll 13m 05s 59s
Level lV 18m 08s 1m 39s
Level V 24m 45s 1m 46s

Build/Repair TimesEdit

Build Times Repair Times
Advanced I 9m13s 43s
Advanced II 18m 8s 1m 20s
Advanced III 33m 25s 2m 20s
Uncommon 44m 47s 3m 3s
Rare 59m 40s 3m 57s
Epic 1h 19m 10s 5m 6s
Legendary 1h 44m 43s 6m 33s

Blueprint VariantsEdit